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Beardsman started in 2006 in a sweaty warehouse with a few friends who all shared a common love for facial hair. The term and philosophy “Beardsman” originated from me, Austin Thomas, a web/graphic designer and screen printer that always wanted a beard but could never grow a good one. I don’t have the genes for a great full beard; it’s just a fact. (click to see my dream beard) After doing research and development I started to see that there was a thriving subculture of beard and mustache enthusiasts in the world not being properly represented and decided to make an entire line of t-shirts, merchandise, and website for those incredibly passionate growers. On August 5 th 2008, the Beardsman clothing line was born after almost 2 years of underground development. I have a vision of community instead of a broken landscape of beard growers. I see every man as a Beardsman and this site your home.

In March 2009, in Dunedin, FL Beardsman.com hosted our first annual beard and moustache contest. The event caught the attention of local papers and about one hundred bearded attendees. Raising an incredible $1550 through admission and raffle, the event’s proceeds went to the Beardsman Foundation, a mentally-ill homeless charity. We expect the next to do even better and should be an even bigger success.

Welcome home,
Austin Thomas - CEO and Founder
and proud member of Beard Team USA

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  • Beardsman.com was established in 2008. Ever since then Beardsman has established itself as one of the foremost sites for beard information, contests, entertainment, and media.
  • Our traffic continues to grow at a steady pace, and we expect 2010 to be our greatest year.
  • Affordable rates and an easy way to get the attention your direct market.
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The Meaning Behind The Heart Beard Logo

The meaning of our logo is to embrace the idea that a beard exists not only on your face, but also in your heart. It is a birth right, and symbol of pride to have a beard or mustache. No one other than Beardsman can understand this love and appreciation as much as a fellow Beardsman.

Beardsman Pronunciation Guide

Beardsman (beard-z-minn)


Beardsman Definition

A Beardsman is one who expresses the unbridled passion and the wherewithal to build, grow and care for a beard. A Beardsman also gives fellow Beardsman prideful encouragement to grow their beards out to their desired length and fullness.

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