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More info about the Appalachian Trail click here.

From left to right: Lex Carr, Tyler Toth, Adam Deimling (not in photo)

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About the hike

Beardsman is sponsoring the hike of three amazing men; Tyler Toth, Adam Deimling, and Lex Carr. Starting at Springer Mountain, Georgia and ending 2,178 miles north in Katahdin, Maine, the Appalachian Trail is the longest marked footpath in the US. The trail is privately managed through the National Park System, and it encompasses eight national forests. 10 percent of the hikers that attempt to do the hike quit within the first week, but almost 25 percent of them do finish. Let’s get our boys to go the whole way, and become “2000-milers”.

Beardsman is helping collect donations for these bearded dudes to help them accomplish this amazing task. Your donations will go straight to them, by helping them pay for postage for food drops.


Where are they now? Right here!

These awesome Beardsman brought along a SPOT locator with them so that we can track their every move. Here is a Google map with their current progress.

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